CASPER is an experienced consultation firm providing a variety of high-quality services such as: (1) organizational consultation, strategic planning, training, and development; (2) needs and capacity assessment, program design, implementation and program evaluation; and (3) specialized psychological services, assessment, and consultation.

We make a good team and I look forward to working with you on all of our projects!

Sharon C.

I think my heart just started beating again when I saw what an amazing job you did!

Cynthia G.

Thank you! I don't know how you do it - but just amazing!!!

Jason T.

Has anyone told you lately how much you ROCK? Glad you are on our team!

Caryn S.
CASPER Consultants
Charles E. Byrd, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Florida)
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David Gardner, M.S.
Vice President and Lead Evaluation Consultant
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Meredith L. D. Fraysure, M.A.
Lead Curriculum and Instruction Consultant
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Jennifer B. Sager, Ph.D.
Lead Training and Cultural Sensitivity Consultant
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (Florida)
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