CASPER is an experienced consultation firm providing a variety of services related to: (1) organizational consultation and development; (2) programmatic design, implementation and evaluation; and (3) specialized psychological services and assessment. Click below for additional details of services provided by CASPER.

Detailed Services

Why We Specialize

If you need brain surgery, you call a brain surgeon. CASPER specializes in education-based and youth-focused organizations and programs. Such specialization ensures clients receive the highest quality of services.

What Sets Us Apart

Consultation must be uniquely tailored to the needs of the client. With experts in educational, organizational, and psychological theories, CASPER concentrates on maximizing our clients' experience.


What We Do

Project Design / Implementation

Assessing needs and organizational capacity is the foundation of strong educational and youth programs. Implementation assistance is critical.

Grant Writing

While many organizations have outstanding ideas and abilities, it is often difficult to obtain funding without assistance.

Program Evaluation

CASPER provides various levels of program evaluation: including implementation, formative, and summative evaluations.

Organizational Consultation

Planning, developing and initiating innovative and effective trainings, interventions, coaching, and analyses is paramount for effectiveness.

Professional Development

CASPER provides training and coaching for program staff, administrators, and stakeholders to enhance accomplishment of program goals.

Psychological Services

CASPER provides specialized psychological services, such as assessment, performance appraisals, and job analysis.