Program Design and Implementation
Assessing the need of targeted service populations and determining the organizational capacity to carry out a planned program is the foundation of strong educational and youth programs. Following a thorough needs and capacity assessment, the development of program goals/objectives and specific activities can be completed. Finally, developing evaluation and sustainability plans helps ensure the continuance of high quality programs. CASPER provides assistance with all elements of program design and, if desired, is available to assist organizations with the actual Implementation of developed programs.    Read More Description
Grant Writing
While many organizations have outstanding and creative ideas for programming, it is often difficult to obtain external funding without the assistance of a highly-qualified and experienced grant writer. Certainly, many large agencies employ full-time grant writers and researchers, providing them a distinct advantage over even moderate-sized agencies. With a nearly 90% success rate, CASPER consultants have been awarded over 50 grants and contracts for a total of $92 million in external funding. Starting in 2011, CASPER began offering their internal grant writing and research services to external agencies wishing to increase their chances of obtaining funding.    Read More Description
Program Evaluation
Even the best designed program will not be sustainable or effectively modified to meet objectives without a strong evaluation component. With evaluation models numbering in the hundreds, it is critical that programs select models and develop evaluation plans that will meet their unique needs and enhance desired outcomes. CASPER has expertise in both selecting and developing models tailored to the needs of individual agencies, as well as in applying these models to effectively and efficiently evaluate programs. The most comment types of program evaluation employed by CASPER are process, implementation, outcome, impact, formative, and summative evaluations (some funding agencies will use these terms interchangeably).    Read More Description
Organizational Consultation
Finding an effective organizational consultant can be a difficult task for any agency, large or small. CASPER has many years of experience in planning, developing and initiating innovative and effective trainings, interventions, coaching, and data analyses. Consultation has been provided to address a wide variety of needs, such as developing trainings to enhance cohesiveness and success of board of directors, enhancing cultural sensitivity of administrators and managers, developing policies and procedures related to human resources and operations, and conducting job analyses and performance appraisals to meet external requirements.    Read More Description
Professional Development
The quality of programs and organizations is often hinged upon the abilities and training of staff and administrators. CASPER consultants have many years of experience in providing training and coaching for program staff, administrators, board of directors, and stakeholders to enhance the accomplishment of program and agency objectives. CASPER has provided trainings and professional development in such areas as understanding concepts of program implementation and evaluation, effectively implementing program activities, and incorporating quality standards into program operations.    Read More Description
Psychological Services
Unique from most consulting and evaluation firms, CASPER consultants are primarily composed of licensed psychologists and psychotherapists with substantial training in assessment and organizational consultation. CASPER provides organizations with a variety of specialized psychological services, such as personnel assessment, performance appraisal, and job analysis. CASPER is also available to assist smaller organizations implement employee assistance programs through the provision of clinical psychology services (e.g., psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, weight management programs)    Read More Description